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A Non-profit Art Gallery where everyone can express themselves and use the arts to give back to our community.

About the Artisan Gift Shop & Its Artists

The E3 Gallery Gift Shop serves our community by offering fine art and crafted goods from local artists. Our merchandise is always changing and you can shop and select items during the gallery’s open hours. In addition to supporting local artists, each sale from the gift shop also supports our local charities with a 20% donation.  

The following artists are currently represented. Please stop by to see what they have to offer. If you would like to become a participant in the gift shop, please submit an application form here, or email us with questions at e3gallery@e3gallerymissoula.com. 

Amy Knight

"It has always been hard for me to write about myself. It seems a bit like bragging which I don’t like; but here goes. Fusing glass has been a way for me to reach my creative side.
I have never been able to draw or paint but I do like color. Crayola crayons were my first path to art-that big box with periwinkle, magenta and blue violet to name a few of my favorites! So when I discovered stained glass I dove right in. It was great fun to find [buy] all kinds of textured glass. Then I found out about kiln forming glass or fusing – even better. Gone were the restrictions of making perfect lines or edges! Hurray! So that was the start of my obsession.
My love of cooking has led me to focus on serving ware. Really doesn’t everything look better in a pretty bowl or on a fabulous platter? Even simple buttered green beans look great in a cobalt blue dish. Entertaining is made easier with the cocktail series like the martini and wine themes. The beer theme can double as a mocha or latte depending on the time of day.
As a former nurse practitioner I taught orthopedic workshops and over time my confidence grew so that I was comfortable offering workshops on glass fusing. It is fabulous to see what folks come up with – no experience needed. As always it is a surprise to see what the glass looks like when you open the kiln lid. Glass can shift as it heats so occasionally it does not turn out as you expected which adds to the experience; hopefully for the good!"
See more of Amy's work and shop at http://aknightglass.com/about/


Bobbe Almer

    Bobbe Almer moved to western Montana in 2007 to be near her grandchildren. She creates works in oil, pastel, and watercolor and her paintings have been juried into numerous shows, won many awards, and are in collectors homes throughout the US. She loves sharing her knowledge of art through classes and workshops for all ages and all skill levels. A schedule of upcoming classes can always be seen on her web site:  http://www.bobbe-almer.com/ 



Christian Ives

Born in Missoula, Montana in 1982, Christian Ives is a contemporary oil painter and live performer. He achieved his two BFA’s in Art Education and Studio Art from the Montana State University in 2007. Currently Christian lives in Missoula, where he works on larger oil paintings and paints live with local band Monks on Fire.  You can see Christian's website: http://christianives.com/ 



Christy Lynn Greene

    Christy Lynn Greene is a painter in all mediums, but her most recent favorite is silk. She describes her work as "Overtones of Fantasy and Wonder...Vaguely Mysterious Landscapes of Nature...Usage of Colors and Movement to Portray Moods and Feeling." She contributes her silk painting style to experiences with watercolors, its washes and dreamy effects. Christy's artwork is uniquely her own and represents life experiences and personal sentiment. You can see her website:  http://www.artbychristygreene.com/ 



Daphne Lorna Evans

    Daphne Lorna is the collaboration of two sisters. Daphne Lorna Evans of Missoula and Cindy Evans McCoy of Atlanta. They grew up in Montreal, Canada and have been making jewelry ever since they can remember. Each brings their own inspiration and sensibility to their beautiful line of jewelry.  You can see their website:  http://daphnelorna.com/ 


    Dunamis is a non-profit organization in Quito, Ecuador serving under aged girls who have been rescued from sex and labor trafficking. The organization’s aim is to teach them life skills while providing a Christ-centered environment focused on restoration to enable them to reintegrate into the world as healthy young women. To provide income and respectful skills, the girls learn how to make beautiful jewelry from natural elements like nuts and seeds.  You can view their website:   http://www.casadunamis.com/


Elaine Fraticelli

    Elaine Fraticelli will graduate in the fall of 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She considers Kalispell her hometown, but has lived in Missoula for the last 2 years. Her art consists of limited edition prints and other works. She has found that the only way she can express the deepest parts of her soul is through creating art. 


Ivette Kjelsrud

    Ivette Kjelsrud is a self taught artist, traveler and animal lover, living and painting in Western Montana. Her paintings are bright yet delicate and they combine realism and abstraction; she seeks to find balance between the two - resulting in poetic atmosphere.  You can view her website:  www.ivezart.com


Jessie Smith

    Jessie Smith has always been a crafty and creative person. Even as a child she enjoyed making art, and jewelry. That passion has followed her into adulthood and she can't imagine not creating. At E3 you can expect to find prints of my many different artworks, as well as feather and button earrings that are truly unique, and stand out in a crowd. 




Kelly Loder

    Kelly Loder is a mixed media female artist who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She believes in emotional/psychological healing through capturing the creative process. She entitles her entire collection: "Emotion In Motion". 



Lillian Nelson- The Delusional Artist

    Lillian has always held a passion for connecting stories with imagery.   After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Montana,  she took some years to begin her family and primarily used her artistic talents for commissioned illustration.  In the fall of 2013, she collaborated with her church to start the nonprofit art gallery E3 Convergence.  Lillian has acted as gallery director and curator by coordinating artists, poets,  and musicians, designing and hanging shows, and running the gallery day to day.  She has also begun her own personal artwork again, discovering a new love for working on raw wood, and has been featured in multiple local exhibits around the Missoula and Bitterroot area.  She lives with her husband and three young children in Missoula.  You can view her website:  http://www.thedelusionalartist.com/


Linda Cohen - The Steampunk Lady

    Linda Cohen, The Steampunk Lady, has been crafting for 30 years, and creating steampunk for three. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. The realm of Steampunk has had many side roads for Linda. These detours have given her skills to express a personal journey into this interesting style. You can view her website:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheSteampunkLady


Marlo Crocifisso

    Marlo Crocifisso was born and raised in Helena, Montana. She received her B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Montana. After teaching and traveling extensively in Europe, she arrived in Missoula in 2009, and she began painting on large scale canvases, experiments with stencil-integrated, street-informed paintings. After six years of framing for The Dolack Gallery, Crocifisso opened her own custom frame shop in 2016. Art Loft Framing is located above the Von Common Studios. Marlo is also a founding member and current resident of the Missoula based art collective Von Common. You can view her website:  http://marlocrocifisso.com/ 

Merle Ann Loman

                                                                                                   Merle Ann Loman is a Master Naturalist and photographer. Her images are sharply focused with great detail and she creates a connection between humans and nature with her sense of artistry. Merle’s ultimate goal is to capture nature through photography without altering it, and to provide documentation that promotes the appreciation, study and understanding of natural history through all of our western Montana seasons. You can view her website:  http://www.amontanaview.com


Steve Slocomb

    Steve Slocomb is a seasoned photographer living in the Bitterroot. From Steve’s heyday of filming in Hollywood to his travels and photos around the world, he has come to settle here in Montana and use his amazing skills to photograph the wildflowers and scenes in his beautiful valley.  You can view his website:  https://slomo.smugmug.com/Flowers-of-Montana/