E3 Convergence Gallery

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A Non-profit Art Gallery where everyone can express themselves and use the arts to give back to our community.



Every month, E3 Gallery sponsors aMontana non-profit by giving 20% of all profits plus any donations given by our patrons.  We also host events designed to raise more funds and awareness bi-monthly.  Each non-profit is sponsored for three months. 


Below are the chosen beneficiaries the gallery will be representing for 2018:

January - March 2018: Watson Children's Shelter
April - May 2018: Chicks 'n' Chaps








Past Sponsorships

November 2013- Teen Challenge Outreach Montana

December 2013- Watson Children's Shelter

January 2014-  Zootown Arts Community Center 

February 2014-  Poverello Center of Missoula 

March 2014-  Faith Therapeutic Riding Service

April 2014- Seedlings of Change 

May 2014- Montana Narcotics Officer's Association 

June 2014-  Animal Wonders

July 2014-  Camp Mak-a-Dream 

August 2014- Partnership for Children

September 2014- MT Down Syndrome Association

October 2014- World Challenge, Inc.

December 2014- Santa Saks

January/February 2015- Opportunity Resources

March/April 2015-  Missoula Downtown Association

May/June 2015- Love Has Come

July/August 2015- Opportunity Resources

September/October 2015- Fit to Fight

November/December 2015- Habitat for Humanity

January-March 2016- Chicks n Chaps

April-June 2016- X Sports 4 Vets

July-September 2016- Montana Down Syndrome Assoc.

October-December 2016- Camp Mak-a-Dream

January-March 2017- Team Up Montana

April-June 2017- Imagine Missoula

July-September 2017- Living Art of Montana

October-December 2017- Missoula Food Bank