E3 Convergence Gallery

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A Non-profit Art Gallery where everyone can express themselves and use the arts to give back to our community.



Every month, E3 Gallery sponsors aMontana non-profit by giving 20% of all profits plus any donations given by our patrons.  We also host events designed to raise more funds and awareness bi-monthly.  Each non-profit is sponsored for three months.  If you are a part of a local non-profit and would like our sponsorship, please fill out the contact form below to let us know about you!


Below are the chosen beneficiaries the gallery will be representing for 2017:

January - March 2017: Team Up Montana
April - June 2017: Imagine Missoula
July -September 2017: Living Art of Montana
October - December 2017: Missoula Food Bank

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Past Sponsorships

November 2013- Teen Challenge Outreach Montana

December 2013- Watson Children's Shelter

January 2014-  Zootown Arts Community Center 

February 2014-  Poverello Center of Missoula 

March 2014-  Faith Therapeutic Riding Service

April 2014- Seedlings of Change 

May 2014- Montana Narcotics Officer's Association 

June 2014-  Animal Wonders

July 2014-  Camp Mak-a-Dream 

August 2014- Partnership for Children

September 2014- MT Down Syndrome Association

October 2014- World Challenge, Inc.

December 2014- Santa Saks

January/February 2015- Opportunity Resources

March/April 2015-  Missoula Downtown Association

May/June 2015- Love Has Come

July/August 2015- Opportunity Resources

September/October 2015- Fit to Fight

November/December 2015- Habitat for Humanity

January-March 2016- Chicks n Chaps

April-June 2016- X Sports 4 Vets

July-September 2016- Montana Down Syndrome Assoc.

October-December 2016- Camp Mak-a-Dream