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A Non-profit Art Gallery where everyone can express themselves and use the arts to give back to our community.

Solo & Duo Exhibit Submission

We are currently fully booked through 2017 & 18!  If you would like to be added to our waiting list for 2019, please continue to submit, and we will keep you informed once future slots open up.  Thanks!

At E3, we are open to any medium, genre, or subject matter that the creative genius throws at us and so welcome everyone to submit their portfolio for consideration!  You have the option of submitting for a solo or dual show.  If you wish to pair up with someone, just list both of your info in the questions.  Or, if you want to do a duo show but have no one to pair up with, let us know and we can find someone for you to show with.  To participate in our themed group exhibits, visit the "Upcoming Art Calls" page.

   Please contact us at 830-3168 or e3gallery@e3gallerymissoula.com with any questions about submitting for these exhibits.  

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(If you don't have one, send quality images to e3gallery@yahoo.com)